SADC Online Portal - Instructions

In fall 2020, we implemented a new system to increase security in our online classes and make your enrollment experience more streamlined over the long haul. We suggest that you leave yourself plenty of time to login and get used to our system before your first class. This will allow the desk staff plenty of time to help troubleshoot any issues that may come up. If you prefer to walk through the steps to make a new account with support, just email us at to set up a time. We can meet with you by phone or zoom to support your account set up.


The new SADC Online Portal is a personal account for you and your family to do the following:

  1. Purchase Adult Classes and Class Cards

  2. Register for Workshops

  3. Register for Youth Classes

  4. Attend all classes (no more Zoom links to keep track of!)

  5. Update your account info, see your purchase history, find your attendance, and more.



  1. Use Chrome as your web browser.  If you don’t have it, you can download it here.

  2. Change the pop-up settings (you will only need to do this once):

    • Open your Chrome browser

    • In the upper right-hand corner, click the three vertical dots, then select Settings

    • Scroll down to Privacy and security, then Site Settings

    • Scroll down to select Pop-ups and redirects

    • At the top of the menu, toggle the setting to Allowed (rather than Blocked)

  3. Click here to open the SADC Portal - the link is also on the SADC home page

  4. Log in using the email address you registered with or create a new account

    • Select "SUBMIT" to be emailed a code to use as your initial password or to reset (check your junk mail!)

    • You will use this code to change your password when prompted

    • Complete/update any missing account information and student info

  5. You will then land on the  MAIN MENU

    • From here you can purchase classes, class cards, register for workshops and youth classes



There are no longer Zoom links for you to keep track of - you will join classes directly from your SADC Account


  1. Login to your SADC account

  2. From the Main Menu choose “Join Class!”

  3. Choose either Adult or Youth class button

    1. Only your classes for THAT DAY will show up

  4. Select “Attend Class”

  5. Your Zoom classroom will automatically open!


I purchased a Class Card at the Center before SIP - can I use it?

Yes! You will be given the choice to transfer it to an Online Class Pass OR you may continue to have it held for use once we are back in house.  If you do transfer it to online classes, the expiration date will reflect how many days you had left on your card after March 13, 2020 (when the center closed). 


I am a work study student - can I use my accrued hours?

Yes! You will see your balance on the opening menu.


I have a gift card - can I use it?

Yes! You will be able to enter your existing gift card number for payment.


I have an account credit - how do i use that?

This credit is available for use during payment - your balance will be available at checkout.


I am in the Discounted Training Program.

Great! Your discount will be reflected in the Cart during payment.


I received an adult scholarship via a class card.

Great! Your class card is active and ready for use once you login.

I don’t see my class listed

The class you are registered for will appear on your class list on the day of class, not before or after.  If you have the correct day and still are not seeing it, please email immediately for assistance. 

I lost my internet connection and got kicked out of class!

No problem! Just log back into the SADC Portal and join again.


I’m in class, but having trouble using Zoom


I need to take a youth make-up class.

The system will only let you take a make-up class after you have a missed your regular class.  However, if you need to do the make up before your missed class, simply email info@ and let them know what class you want to take and we will make it happen! Once you have missed a class, you will see a “Make-up” button appear on your daily class list that will open up all the classes available for that day and you can then choose where to go.

I want to take a youth trial class

Contact at least 24 hours before desired class time to get all the information you need!

Payment Information:

Questions? Email


Single Class $16

Class cards valid for 6 weeks from date of purchase
4-class card $62 ($15.50/class)
8-class card $120 ($15/class)
12-class card $174 ($14.50/class)

Weekly Pass $60 (best value for 5+ classes/wk)

Monthly Pass $200 (best value for 16+ classes/mo)

Financial Assistance

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis for the Discounted Training Program ($8/class) and Stephanie Jacobs Scholarship Program (limited free classes).

Apply here.