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For The Love of Dance: A Community Remembers Victor Anderson 

Sima Belmar | Dancers' Group 2017

It is a delicate task to write about a private person. And Victor Anderson, co-founder of the Shawl Anderson Dance Center, who died on February 7 at the age of 88, was a very private person. When I heard about his death, I knew there would be wonderful obituaries that would honor Victor’s accomplishments and […]

Tales of Change: CounterPulse and Shawl-Anderson Dance Center Look to the Future

by Ann Murphy |  Dancers' Group 2016

In Italy there’s a famous adage that says “everything must change in order for everything to stay the same.” To our 21st century ears this might sound like a zen parable, but in fact it’s a paean to pragmatism, and suggests that the people who change alongside history’s sweeping transformations are likeliest to endure with their […]

GOLDIES 2012 LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT: Frank Shawl and Victor Anderson, Shawl-Anderson Dance Center

SF Bay Gaurdian 2012

GOLDIES John Cage and Merce Cunningham, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, and Fayard and Harold Nicholas are among the dance world’s most famous couples. In the Bay Area, nobody comes close to the relationship between Frank Shawl and Victor Anderson, of Berkeley’s Shawl-Anderson Dance Center[…]

Shawl-Anderson Dance Center: Celebrating a Half-Century of Making Dance and Community

by Michael Wade Simpson | Dancers' Group 2008

In 1958, dance class was $2 at the studio Frank Shawl and Victor Anderson started above a liquor store on College Avenue in Berkeley. Adjusted for inflation, that means they should be charging somewhere in the ballpark of $50 today, instead of $13[…]

Shawl Anderson Dance Center turns 50

Rachel Howard | SF Chronicle  2008

Frank Shawl and Victor Anderson sit in a light-filled dance studio and look across the leafy intersection of Alcatraz and College avenues in Berkeley.

"The liquor store was always there below," Anderson says, pointing to the small rooms on the second story, where the Shawl-Anderson Dance Center first opened in 1958[…]

A Typical Day at Shawl-Anderson

Nina Haft | InDance 2008

On a typical day at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, you might find Paufve Dance rehearsing for an upcoming tour, students cheering each other on during petite allegro or the Savage Jazz Dance Company raising the roof beams. […]



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