October 2022 - April 2023



POSTPONED!! New Date: Friday, November 11th
QDF Kick-Off Party

October Free Class Series
October 7th - October 15th

A petite asian queer femme is in a sheer nude bodysuit with small rhinestones all over it, she is wearing a blonde wig in the style of Britney Spears and falling into a layout position on a wooden chair. She appears to be sultry in her expression.
Wildcat Studios
2525 8th St., Berkeley, CA (map)

Free Movement Classes taught by amazing LGBTQ2IA+ Teaching Artists

Registration Encouraged
Drop-Ins Welcome
Alaja/laj is a black-presenting human who uses she/they pronouns. She has curly brown hair, mixed melanin skin, and big eyes. They pose for the black and white image holding their arms out in a shielded shape.

Kim Ip photo by Gray Tartaglione

alaja badalich photo by @jayeads

Class Schedule

Friday, October 7

It's Pop Baby w/Kim Ip

This class will be an all-levels class meaning anyone with a desire to thrash their body around to pop music, knee pads, and an imagination if the knees aren't bending to the floor will enjoy (and should take this class). There will be modifications and options if certain dance movements feel inaccessible to different limbs. All folks need is a desire to watch each other, be inspired, and listen to their own bodies and the bodies around them as a guiding tool for deeper connection. ((There may or may not be a section of Britney Spears choreo taught in class)) But there will be hip movements, shimmies, head bopping, hair whipping, and very fun pop music. Bring your mesh, your bright colours, your hottest club outfit because we are gonna get hot n sweaty.

Saturday, October 8

SOL VIDA ™ Divine Booty Shaking Experience w/Axé Charmaine

Release your mind, have fun and get free in your body in this fusion of form and freedom that includes: Afro, Modern, Hip Hop + Conscious Dance set to a soundtrack of Afro Beats, Electronica, Dub, Downtempo, House, Hip Hop and ambient music, there is no other energy like this on the planet. This experience includes a dance affirmation, ecstatic elements, and an easy to learn choreography that will turn into a moving meditation allowing you to dance free! All levels. All bodies. All are welcome. This workshop is body medicine.


Sunday, October 9

Embodied Pelvic Anatomy ~ Dancing With Your Pelvic Viscera w/ Karah Charette

Taught by a doctor of physical therapy who specializes in pelvic health, Dr. Karah Charette is also a dancer, Pilates instructor, yoga teacher, and overall somatic mover. Karah has recently begun to name her queer identity and feels passionate about making pelvic health accessible and inclusive for all gender and body identities. In this class, you will be invited to somatically explore the anatomy of the pelvis, including the muscles, bony structures, fascial connections, and inherent movement of the viscera. This will be a class with a heavy focus on felt experience, interoception, and improvisation. Come curious, leave embodied.





Improvisation for Developing Protagonism w/ Amal Rogers

Improvisation for Developing Protagonism is a practice of embodying ways of being that support a more liberated future. Participants will experiment with movement improvisation, attention, and discussion to develop skills in self-awareness, vulnerability, and empathy - skills to prepare individuals to act as protagonists in our collective story. Participants will dance and discuss with partners and in groups. Discussions will be on the class experience and on the concept of 'protagonism' as developed by Marta Harnecker and explained by the facilitator.
*No dance experience is necessary, the facilitator is trauma-informed and will to make accommodations in the lessons for physical difference and neurodiversity.

Friday, October 14


Pulse, Power, and Paramodernity w/Styles Alexander

An improvisation based offering exploring histories, ancestral mediumship, sensation and fantasy. We will move through the gradience of level, tone, speed and rigor. This offering is an intermediate/advanced level and open to all.

Saturday, October 15


Workin' Out w/ Heth Stockton

This low-mid impact, intro level aerobic class is meant for EVERYbody! Let's get our heart rates up with some fun dance cardio patterns mixed with free-style dance parties and end with a slow and sultry disco.  A mashup of Richard Simmons- 90s social dance - jazzercize where joy is centered, passion over perfectionism, and all bodies are celebrated


Contemporary Flow w/alaja badalich

Contemporary Flow is an intermediate contemporary technique class for all movement artists. This class has a strong focus on improvisation, placement, composition, fall, and recovery. 

Directions to Wildcat Studios

Wildcat Studio is located in the Sawtooth Building, a large brick building of artist studios located along 8th street covering the whole block between Dwight St and Parker St.  Enter the building at Bay 1 / 2525 8th St, the northern most Bay (closest to Dwight St) 


Wildcat is in Studio 15 located at the back right corner of Bay 1. Walk through the door and all the way to the back of the large entry hall to the mural in the back wall. Take a right at the mural into a short hallway. Wildcat is at the end of that hallway!  


Restrooms are located on the southern hallway off of Bay Two. Enter Bay 2 doors and take an immediate right into a hallway and follow signs. Restrooms will be on your right after the hallway turns. 


Parking is fairly easy in the neighborhood and there are bike racks outside. AC transit bus 36 runs along Dwight at and stops and Dwight and 9th, bus 72/72R stops at San Pablo and Dwight (3 blocks away). 

COVID Protocols

Proof of vaccination or a recent negative test is required to attend these events. Boosters are not required. Unvaccinated children under 5 may attend. For a medical, religious, or other exemption please email jessi@shawl-anderson.org to discuss attending with a recent negative PCR test.

QDF is requiring masking for all audiences regardless of vaccination status.


Accessibility Information

Humanist Hall and Wildcat Studios are ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible. Kick-off performances will be accompanied by Live ASL Interpretation. Please reach out if you have specific accommodation needs by emailing jessi@shawl-anderson.org

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QDF Kick-Off Party
POSTPONED!! New Date: Friday, November 11th
New Location TBA

Open dance floor! Local artist vendors! Beer & wine for sale!

All around cute times w lotsa cute queers! 

with live performances by: alex ayuna, VERA!, Pearl Marill

Local artists and vendors

Wheelchair accessible venue ~ Live ASL Interpretation
COVID Policy: Masks are required inside. Proof of Vaccination or COVID negative test from within 72 hrs required.

Donations greatly appreciated ~ RSVP highly encouraged
alex is in light blue hair and abstracted clown makeup with a bright pink eyeliner. He is mischievously grinning with their head tilted to the side, with their floral sleeves and black and white striped skirt flowing below them.
VERA!, an Armenian American Drag King, poses for the camera in a red bellydance outfit with arm behind head and red eye makeup and a brown lip and long brown hair and facial hair - beard and mustache and big brows!
Pearl is center front in mid jump. Her curly blondish brown hair is lifted 6 inches into the air around her head. Her right arm points directly at the camera, her left arm is bent and her hand is on her left hip. Her knees point outward, and her combat boot clad feet meet together to complete the diamond shape jump.  She is wearing rainbow print shorts that have miniature faces all over them. She is wearing a rainbow colored sweatshirt with vertical stripes of color. There is a large version of the same face seen on her shorts printed on top of the rainbow sweatshirt Pearl is wearing. It is a face with large blue eyes and a wide open mouth. This face is not facing the camera, rather because of the movement of Pearl's jump, its gaze is to the right upper corner of the photo.  Pearl's gaze is directly at the camera/viewer, and while the majority of her mouth is covered by her pointing arm, you can see a hint of a slight smile over the edge of her arm.

Images L to R: alex ayuna by the artists; VERA! by Kane C Andrade; Pearl Marrill by the artist


About QDF

About QDF

Founded in 2019, the QUEERING DANCE FESTIVAL is by and for LGBTQ+ movement artists. Through performances, events, workshops and more, QDF highlights the artistic work and issues on the minds of the queer, trans and gender-nonconforming dance community in the East Bay.

Produced by the QDF Steering Committee, a non-hierarchical collaborative of queer dancers,  QDF presents dance through a queer lens, elevating the work and diverse voices of local LGBTQ+ movement artists from all backgrounds.

2022-2023 Producers:

Snowflake Calvert, Clarissa Dyas, Aiano Nakagawa, Jessi Barber

Past Committee Members: Gabrielle Lochard, Ky Woodward-Sollenes,

2021-2022 Festival Artists

The Queering Dance Festival is generously supported by:
The Zellerbach Family Foundation
City of Berkeley Civic Arts Festival Grant
Individual Donors