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SADC’s studio-theater space is available to choreographers and movement artists of all disciplines for performances, showings, and special events. We happily host full-length productions, multi-choreographer mixed bills, showcases and informal showings.


Located in the transit-rich Rockridge/Elmwood neighborhood, we offer state-of-the-art LED lighting, a unique and flexible performance space, supportive and friendly production staff, and access to a devoted East Bay dance audience.


Space Specs:

  • Stage Dimensions: 28’ deep x 24’ wide

  • Brand new ETC LED lighting system with a flexible grid and EOS board

  • New sound system: Behringer speakers, Mix5 mixer, and Qlab computer for sound operation

  • Grey marley sprung floors, white walls and curtains, unique and homey building detailing

  • 55 person audience capacity

  • Brand-new Wenger risers and 55 chairs.


Unfortunately, as a former residence, we are not handicap accessible and guests walk up two flights of stairs to the performance space.


Cost Breakdown:

  • $55/hour for tech and dress rehearsal - Minimum 8 hours (negotiable for informal showings)

    • Includes in-house technical director

  • $100/hour for performances - Minimum 5 hours per show

    • Includes front of house manager, and SM/technical director

  • $150 for 6 hours of production support - required

    • Includes:

      • attentive hands-on support from in-house Production Manager, Jessi Barber

      • in-house show marketing through our 1800 person email list, facebook and instagram channels, on our website and throughout the center.

  • Company keeps 100% of their ticket sales


Rental includes at no additional cost:

  • Basic lighting design from in-house Technical Director (Company is welcome to hire an outside designer if they desire)

  • Limited storage for costumes and props during the performance run

  • Basic reception items (coolers, tables, platters, tablecloths)


Not Included:

  • Set-up and management ticket sales.

  • All off-site PR and Marketing (i.e. press release, outreach to local news outlets, calendar listings, press invitations etc.)

  • Postcard and program design and printing

  • Basic special event insurance (usually around $100 - SADC can advise)


Sample Pricing Comparison















We are deeply committed to working with choreographers to design a contract that serves their artistic vision and matches their budget. If you have special performance needs, want to discuss your unique vision with us, or would like more information about our rental program, please contact Artistic Director Jill Randall.

One-Night Performance

(4 hrs tech - 2 hrs production support)



Potential Box Office Take (50/night @ $20/ticket)


Three night perfromance

(8 hrs tech - 6 hrs production support)



Two-Night Performance

(8 hrs tech - 6 hrs production support



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