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Youth Performance at BAMFA


Join us for a family and friends event at BAMPFA featuring our Youth Performance Groups!

Date: Sunday, March 26, 2023


Call Time: 1:30pm

Show Time 3:30pm


Location: BAMFA Berkeley


Note all guests are required to purchase $14 admission ticket to attend. Please visit BAMFA's website here to see exceptions/discounted rates.


What to wear: Participants please advise your teacher in-person

Show 1
Mills College Performances

End-of-the-year showings for teen youth classes ages 12-18 & Youth Performance Groups


Tech Rehearsal - Saturday, May 13  & Monday, May 15th

Performance - Saturday, May 20th @ 4pm & Sunday, May 21st @ 2pm & 5:30pm

Location: Mills College - Lisser Hall (Kapiolani Rd, Oakland, CA 94613)

Participant details: Please review our detailed tech and performance schedule HERE.

Longfellow Performance 

End-of-the-semester showings for youth classes ages 8-11 

Date: Saturday, May 13th 

Call time: 1pm

Show time: 3-4pm

Location: Longfellow Middle School (1500 Derby St, Berkeley, CA 94703)

Participating Classes:

B5 Level I Ballet 8-12 (Fri 3:45-4:45pm) w Molly Levy

HH7 Beginning Hip-Hop 8-11 (Sat 9-10:15am) w Alexa Coleman

HH3 Beginning Hip-Hop 8-11 (Fri 4:30-5:45pm) w Chelsea Hill

J2 Beginning Jazz 8-11 (Fri 3:45-5pm) w Noelle Campos

M6 Beginning Modern 8-11 (Sat 9:45-11am) w Carol Kueffer

M7 Beginning Modern for Boys 7-11 (Fri 4:30-5:30pm) w Maurice Charrière

M18 Beginning Modern 8-11 (Wed 3:15-4:30pm) w April Taylor

Spring Sharings

End-of-the-semester sharings for youth classes ages 3-7

Date: Sunday, May 21st - Saturday, May 27th

Last 15-minutes of regularly scheduled class time

Location: Shawl-Anderson Dance Center (2704 Alcatraz Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705)

Participating Classes:

B1 Creative Movement: Ballet 3-5 (Mon 3:45-4:30pm) w Natalya Shoaf 5/22 4:15-4:30PM

B2 Creative Movement: Ballet 3-5 (Sun 11:00-11:45am) w Katie Lawson-Gill 5/21 11:30-11:45AM

B13 Creative Movement: Ballet 3-5 (Sun 10:15-11am) w Katie Lawson-Gill 5/21 10:45-11AM

B3 Creative Movement: Ballet 5-7 (Mon 3:45-4:30pm) w Annalise Constantz 5/22 4:15-4:30PM

B4 Creative Movement: Ballet 5-7 (Wed 3:45-4:30pm) w Julie Crothers 5/24 4:15-4:30PM

HH1"Fresh Feet" Beginning Hip-Hop 5-7 (Tue 3:45-4:30pm) w Katana Pop 5/23 4:15-4:30PM

HH2 "Fresh Feet" Beginning Hip-Hop 5-7 (Fri 3:45-4:30pm) w Chelsea Hill 5/26 4:15-4:30PM

HH6 "Fresh Feet" Beginning Hip-Hop 5-7 (Wed 3-3:45pm) w Chelsea Hill 5/24 3:30-3:45PM

J1 "Little Steppers" Beginning Jazz 5-7 (Wed 3:45-4:30pm) w Chelsea Hill 5/24 4:15-4:30PM

M1 Creative Movement: Modern 3-5 (Thurs 3:45-4:30pm) w Hannah Ayasse 5/25 4:10-4:30PM

M2 Creative Movement: Modern 3-5 (Sat 9-9:45am) w Annalise Constantz 5/27 9:30-9:45PM

M3 Creative Modern for Boys 5-7 (Fri 3:45-4:30pm) Maurice Charrière 5/26 3:45-4:30PM (Entire class)

M4 Creative Movement: Modern 5-7 (Tue 3:45-4:30pm) Hannah Ayasse 5/23 4:10-4:30PM

M5 Creative Movement: Modern 5-7 (Th 3:45-4:30pm) Maurice Charrière 5/25 3:45-4:30PM (Entire class)


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