Call us at 510-654-5921 to reserve a studio.

SADC offers our four light-filled studios for rental by movement artists of all disciplines for rehearsal purposes.

Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis and can be made in person or by calling the Center at 510-654-5921  


Please note, due to our class schedule, we have limited late-afternoon and evening space available.



Rates are based on the number of people in the studio:


1-7 people - $16/hr

8-14 people - $21/hr

15-25 people - $26/hr


We prioritize available rentals for rehearsals in order to support working artists.

In special cases we allow auditions, workshops and private lessons. Read more about Special Rentals/Rates here.

Please contact Abigail Hosein at for approval for these type of rentals.


If you are interested in renting for a showing or performance, please visit our Venue Rental Page

24' by 44' | marley floor | piano | stereo | no shoes
20' by 40' | marley floor | piano | stereo | skylights | no shoes
20' by 40' | finished hardwood floor | stereo | clean sneakers and dance shoes permitted
24' by 28' | marley floor | stereo | no shoes
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You must put a credit card on file when reserving space.

Our studios can be rented for rehearsals and photoshoots, but not for classes or private lessons unless authorized by our staff.

Please check in at the desk before you begin rehearsal/rental time.



All payment is due at the beginning of your rental time. We accept cash, check and credit/debit cards. If you do not check in before your rehearsal begins, your credit card on file will be automatically deducted

We schedule a 15-minute window between classes and studio rentals, both before and after class. Please allow a class to finish uninterrupted. If a class goes over by more than 10 minutes please have the desk staff on duty check in with the teacher.



We will charge, in full, your credit card on file for cancellations made within the 24-hour period before your rental. You may call (510) 654-5921 or email to cancel.



We do not allow character, flamenco, tap or street shoes in any of our studios.


Cleaned sneakers and ballroom shoes with suede soles may be used in Studio 3 only.


Ballet, pointe, and flat jazz shoes may be used in Studios 1, 2 & 4. No other shoes are allowed in these studios, no exceptions.


Please advise the front desk if you plan on using shoes when booking your rental so we can direct you to the proper studio.



Each person in your rehearsal needs to register at the front desk.  We need to have the name, contact info, and emergency contacts of everyone working/practicing in our building.