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SADC offers our four light-filled studios for rental by movement artists of all disciplines for rehearsal purposes, limited private lessons and select public classes and workshops. Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis and depends on regular studio scheduling.

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Studios are available for non profit dance artists ad organizations holding private rehearsals, public classes and workshops with SADC Admin Team approval.
We require liability insurance (we recommend K & K Insurance but use whatever works for you).
We do not host for profit or corporate events. 

Health and Safety:
Please do not come to the studio with cold or flu symptoms. 

Mon-Thurs 9a-9:15p
Fri 9a-6p

Sat & Sun 9a-5p
We will consider renting space after hours on weekends with team approval and a training on closing procedures.


​Our studios can be rented for rehearsals and photoshoots, but not for classes or private lessons unless authorized by our staff. Please check in at the desk before you begin rehearsal/rental time. 



Book a rental time and studio assignment by completing this form. We can offer space in 30 minute increments. Let us know what kind of shoes you will be wearing if applicable, any notes about live or recorded sound, and how many participants will join you. Once you book your reservation, we will email you with details about how to pay in advance online in

We schedule a 15-minute window between classes and studio rentals, both before and after class. Please allow a class to finish uninterrupted. If a class goes over by more than 10 minutes please have the desk staff on duty check in with the teacher.


All kinds of dance shoes with soft, non-marking soles are welcome. Please let us know if you are wearing dance sneakers with black soles that could leave marks and scuffs. Ballroom type shoes and street sneakers are welcome on the wood floor in Studio 3, but not on the marley floors in Studios 1, 2, and 4. If you are wearing dance footwear of any kind, please notify us when you reserve so that we can help match you to the correct studio for your footwear use. Tapping is welcome if tap dancers bring their own portable tap board.


Cancellations must occur at least 24 hours in advance. Call (510) 654-5921 or email to cancel. For cancellations with less than 24-hours notice provided, no refunds. 

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