In-Person + Online Workshops

Intro to Modern Series w/Robin Nasatir

A - Aug 4-Sept 9 
Thurs, 6:30-8:00p PDT
B - Aug 10-Sept 14
Weds, 11:45a-1:15p PDT
$108-$132 Sliding Scale.
Email for scholarship info. 
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This 6-week series is perfect for first-time dancers who want to learn in a small, safe, and supported atmosphere. The series provides a fun and encouraging environment where students learn dance fundamentals through short, easy to learn dance sequences. 

The class will cover the basic structure of a dance class, modern dance vocabulary, key concepts, and how to pick up sequences and memorize choreography. With time to ask questions and explore movement ideas, this series is great for brand new dancers, beginning level dancers who want to revisit the fundamentals, and dancers with experience in other styles looking to start training in modern.​


Born and raised in Berkeley, Robin Nasatir started dancing at Shawl-Anderson at 11. In her early performing career, she was a founding member of Mobius Dance Company and then worked with various choreographers in the Bay Area and New York City. More recently, she has been performing with Dana Lawton Dances since 2010, and has performed with the Ruth Botchan Company, Amy Rosen, Nina Haft & Company, Kate Mitchell, Risa Jaroslow, and AXIS Dance Company, among others. Robin’s classes are focused on beginners and older adults, where she loves to see people find joy and confidence as they build strength, balance, and grace through dance.

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In Person limit is 12 students for Thurs, 16 students for Wed.

Note: Workshops are non-refundable.

Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary Workshop

 w/Jess Bozzo

Aug 9-30
Tuesdays, 6-7:30p
$20 per, or $64-80 for full workshop.
Passes not accepted
Email us to inquire about scholarships
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During this contemporary class series we are going to focus on embodying choreography both emotionally and physically. The choreography will be rooted in deep, muscular pathways that feel quick and bound in the body, and the movement will be heavily inspired by the music we'll be dancing to. This class series is a space for us to dance and commit to whatever feels good to our bodies in the moment, and also a supportive space to challenge ourselves in exploring new landscapes within our movement.


In-person limit is 18 students.

NOTE: Workshops are nonrefundable


Jess Bozzo is a professional dancer, teacher, and performing artist in the SF/Bay Area. She grew up in Sacramento, CA where she dove into competition dance and ballet through most of her childhood. She received her BA in Dance from San Francisco State University in 2018 and spent the majority of her time there exploring what she wanted to do as a dance artist.

Throughout her time in college, Jess was a trainee with ODC/Dance and worked with local companies, ka•nei•see, REYES Dance, and Garrett+Moulton Productions. Since graduating, she worked with independent choreographers, Marlene Garcia and Molly Matutat in residencies throughout California and studied with multiple teachers and choreographers at b12 in Berlin. In 2019, she appeared in the first season of NBC’s Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and joined INQ, a local crew in Oakland. She has appeared in music videos for both Madeline Kenney and Aea Luz as well.