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SADC Online includes links to our live Zoom classes and our pre-recorded catalogue. We will be offering both adult and youth classes for every level and age. Sign up now to see the ever evolving options begin to take shape.

We’re so glad we can provide classes to everyone in our community free of charge! For those who can step in and donate, you are helping to make it possible for ALL of us to come together and move - students and teachers alike.


We suggest a gift of $5-18 per class, but feel free to ‘kick your legs’ as high or as low as you like! Thank you all for participating, giving, caring and connecting.

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Intro Series:

with Robin Nasatir or Garth Grimball

March 3 - April 12
Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays

Intro to Modern
For Older Dancers

with Robin Nasatir

March 9 - 30
Mondays | 12-1:30p


Baroque Dance: Choreography Reconstruction & Notation

with Jen Meller & Phillippa Waite

March 29
Sunday | 1:30-4p


Gaga People

with James Graham

March 4 & 11
Wednesdays | 7:30-8:30p


Yamuna Body Rolling

with Chris Evans

March 20
Friday | 11:45a-1p


MoTor/Music Body Music Workshop

with Evie Ladin

March 9 - April 13
Mondays | 7:30-9p


Dancing Curiosity:
The Pelvic Riddles Edition

with Belinda He

March 22
Sunday | 1:30-4p



Bhangra Workshop

with SNJV

April 2 - April 30
Thursdays | 7:30-9p




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