SADC is a collaborative arts institution designed to serve the community through dance.  By educating, nurturing and supporting dancers and choreographers of all ages, and by promoting new discoveries in dance through curated and outreach programs, the Center aims for excellence in the field while building a dynamic community of dancers and dance lovers. Shawl-Anderson employees support a dance culture of creative exploration and mutual respect in one of the most vibrant dance hubs in the Bay Area.

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SADC offers work exchange designed for dancers interested in becoming a vital part of our community and are in need of funding to sustain their dance training. Work study students are an essential contribution to the overall success of the Center and we are looking for responsible, consistent, and thorough people.  Please contact Rachel Caldwell at for any questions.



We offer weekly shifts that primarily involves cleaning the Center: this includes, but is not limited to, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping floors, dusting, cleaning mirrors, wiping down the barres and mats, cleaning bathrooms, etc. 


If a weekly shift doesn't work for you, we also offer one-off event/administration shifts throughout the year. 



The exchange rate is one dance class (or 1-hour rental) for each hour of work: a $17/hour value. 

You can also use the the value towards renting space.


We'll ask you agree to the following conditions when you commit to a shift:

You'll complete (or get covered) 100% of the shifts you've committed to. If you cannot make your shift due to a schedule conflict, illness or other reason, it is your responsibility to get the shift covered by contacting other work study students and letting desk staff know in a timely manner. This is also beneficial to other students who want to pick up additional hours.  If you experience an unforeseen illness or emergency at the last minute, you will call the Center immediately to communicate your absence and they will seek a substitute for the shift.

You will use your accrued classes regularly with the understanding that this program is designed to support students in pursuing training in dance. If you accrue more than 10 classes, your shift may be re-assigned to another student who is able to use their accrued classes regularly. Possible exceptions made.


You understand that due to the constant use of this building, 80 hours a week, 7 days a week, your job as a work-study student is very important to the everyday operations of the Center and you take responsibility for being consistent, on time, and thorough. If you anticipate being unable to complete this commitment, you will notify the Work Study Manager immediately. Your help contributes to the overall success of the Center and the quality of our students’ experience dancing at the Center.




Want to give back to SADC? We are always looking for extra help!  We'll take anything from help with mailings to photo taking, from ushering shows to video editing, from building apps to building maintenance.  Come be a part of the community that has been fostering dance, artistry, and creation since 1958!


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