The SADC  Board actively supports the life and future of Shawl-Anderson Dance Center.  We are devoted to a dance center that provides a noncompetitive, inclusive and supportive community for dancers and dancemakers, with diversity, racial equality, and justice as our guiding principles.  We welcome fresh voices, new energy, multiple points of view, and people of all backgrounds, cultures, and races with a strong commitment to our mission, vision, and values.

In its official capacity, the Board of Directors governs and holds fiduciary responsibility for SADC. The primary means of governance are:

  • Developing, reflecting, and maintaining the Mission, Vision, Values of Shawl-Anderson and its history. 

  • Setting policy and providing direction for the organization by establishing a multi-year strategic plan, approval of the annual budget and monitoring financial performance.

  • Donor outreach and development of both major gifts and community-based support.

  • Developing and adopting policies/programs that broaden and address racial diversity and inclusiveness, and ensure equity.

  • Hiring and overseeing the Executive Director and Artistic Director.


In addition to the complications the pandemic has brought, we are at a moment with a lot of work to be done, including:

  • Expanding and supporting SADC as an equity-centered, anti-racist organization.

  • Wrestling with the limitations of our space (when we are in the building again)...

  • Assisting in designing and implementing new internal structures that promote communication and transparency, reciprocity, equity in decision making, and a healthy working atmosphere.

  • Advising/developing/supporting new revenue streams.

  • Acting as a sounding board about dance programming and curating, dance education, teaching dance, and dance pedagogy.

  • Advising/developing/implementing fundraising campaigns.


If you are interested in learning more about a Board role, please contact board@shawl-anderson.org


We have no staff openings at this time. Thank you for checking.


SADC offers work exchange designed for dancers interested in becoming a vital part of our community and are in need of funding to sustain their dance training. Work study students are an essential contribution to the overall success of the Center. This program is currently on hold. Please reach out to info@shawl-anderson.org with questions.


We offer weekly shifts that primarily involve cleaning the Center: this includes, but is not limited to, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping floors, dusting, cleaning mirrors, wiping down the barres and mats, cleaning bathrooms, etc. 


If a weekly shift doesn't work for you, we also offer one-off event/administration shifts throughout the year. 



The exchange rate is one dance class (or 1-hour rental) for each hour of work. The value of the work exchange is based on current class and rental pricing. Click on the following for updated program information: online classes, in-house classes and studio rentals.


We'll ask you agree to the following conditions when you commit to a shift:

You'll complete (or get covered) 100% of the shifts you've committed to. If you cannot make your shift due to a schedule conflict, illness or other reason, it is your responsibility to get the shift covered by contacting other work study students and letting desk staff know in a timely manner. This is also beneficial to other students who want to pick up additional hours.  If you experience an unforeseen illness or emergency at the last minute, please call SADC immediately to communicate your absence and they will seek a substitute for the shift.

You will use your accrued classes regularly with the understanding that this program is designed to support students in pursuing training in dance. If you accrue more than 10 classes, your shift may be re-assigned to another student who is able to use their accrued classes regularly. Possible exceptions made.


You understand that due to the constant use of this building, 80 hours a week, 7 days a week, your job as a work-study student is very important to the everyday operations of the Center and you take responsibility for being consistent, on time, and thorough. Your work contributes to the overall success of the Center and the quality of our students’ experience dancing at the Center.





SADC volunteers are dedicated friends of the organization who generously share their time to serve our mission. We are always looking for individuals to assist with performances, special events, mailings, documentation, archiving and more. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering please email info@shawl-anderson.org and let us know your interests. You can also join  our weekly email update list to receive information about the latest opportunities.