Full-time, on-site, some remote, on-call. The regular will include working weeknights and weekends. Sample schedule:

Tuesday: 12-8:30pm

Wednesday: 10am-6:30pm

Thursday: 12-8:30pm

Friday: 10am-6:30pm

Saturday 8:30am-1:30pm

(weekend=Sunday & Monday)


Shawl-Anderson Dance Center’s mission as a nonprofit is to build and support a vital and inclusive community for movers of all ages and styles. Founded in 1958, Shawl-Anderson Dance Center provides dance education, institutional support for artists, a performance and rehearsal venue, and partnerships with other community-based organizations. Shawl-Anderson Dance Center (SADC) shares in the work of re-imagining and creating equitable and positive spaces for expression in the East Bay.


Summary of Role

The Office & Facilities Manager reports to the Executive Director and will provide hands-on care, stewardship and maintenance of SADC’s primary location at 2704 Alcatraz Avenue in Berkeley, CA. This includes ordering of supplies, managing building maintenance, and care for equipment, computers and other assets. The Office & Facilities Manager will supervise a part-time Administrative Associate and work in collaboration each day with all members of the administrative and program needs. The Office & Facilities Manager is responsible for coordinating the rentals of the studios and the Stewardship schedule for the lobby as we work as a team to manage customer/student activity. As a 63-year old beloved nonprofit based in Berkeley, California, SADC offers nearly 100 classes per week year-round, workshops, performances, studio and facility rentals, artist residencies and fiscal sponsorship.


The ideal candidate is available weekends, evenings and holidays and can cover desk (stewardship) shifts at varying times as a sub throughout the week as the need arises.


All employees are required to be vaccinated for COVID per order of the Health Department of the City of Berkeley, California.


Reports to Executive Director


Office & Facilities Manager Description


Care for facility and needs

  • Walk through space bi-weekly to review needs

  • Hands on willingness to attempt repairs & troubleshoot

  • Purchase supplies and equipment for overall facility in coordination with admin/program staff

  • Collaborate with all team members to ensure stewardship of our shared facility


Oversee technology & hybrid equipment

  • Train new team members on use of hybrid technology for virtual classes

  • Inspect and tidy hybrid equipment twice weekly

  • Work with outside consultants to improve hybrid systems

  • Monitor IT needs related to computer use and secure any outside assistance to make repairs and upgrades to existing equipment

  • Maintain the printer


Scheduling and space use

  • Manage studio rentals; train other team members to complete same or next day rental requests

  • Orchestrate use of two offices, lobby desk, studios and remote work to best support a balance of remote and in-house work for all


Support and increase safety

  • Work with Executive Director and staff to monitor improve safety in the facility

  • Make edits to Safety Plan to reflect current and best practices

  • Coordinate with handy person and other contractors to oversee repairs

  • Provide brief safety training to new faculty and staff


Support and participate in SADC Stewardship program - the stewardship role is played by all members of the administrative team at varying hours throughout the week

  • 50% of total hours worked will be on-site serving as a SADC Steward in the lobby area. These hours will require toggling between customer support and Office/Facilities Manager duties.

  • Greet and screen visitors, students, staff, artists, families honoring SADC’s current COVID safety rules

  • Monitor front desk and customer service via phone and email and direct inquiries and needs to appropriate team member

  • Perform advanced computer operations

  • Maintain knowledge of and be able to communicate clearly all of SADC’s programs

  • Support and work with work study students who assist in maintenance through the week

  • Be periodically available to substitute for other administrative staff

  • Collaborate all staff to ensure open communication and effective operations



Hours, Compensation & Benefits

Available immediately. 40 hours per week. Compensation is $20-28 per hour depending on experience. Up to 10% of the weekly hours of work may be performed remotely. Benefits include:


  • Health Insurance: We offer a small group plan through Kaiser (medical, dental, vision, chiropractic/acupuncture) in which SADC pays 75% of your health plan per month, with the remainder coming out of your paycheck pre-tax. Eligible for benefit on the first day of the month following the hire date.

  • OR if you have insurance and you wish to decline ours, SADC can provide you reimbursement towards your own insurance costs, 75% of your premium or our Kaiser premium, whichever is less (taxable income).

  •   Vacation time:

    • Hours are accrued at 3.07 hours per pay period up to 160 hours.

    • Remaining accrued hours are paid out upon resignation or termination

    • Vacation leave must be pre-approved. Unpaid time off may be taken only with approval.

  •  Sick Leave Accrual:

    • Employees accrue paid sick leave immediately according to the City of Berkeley Paid Sick Leave Ordinance. Employees earn one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked with a cap at 72 hours.

    • SADC is highly flexible about use of sick time; anything that supports your well-being will be an approved use of leave as well as all of the reasons as stated in the CA state law.

    • These are not paid out upon resignation/termination

  • Holiday Pay: paid time off according to your regular schedule on the following days: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day plus two (2) floating holidays per year (employee’s choice, these do not roll over if unused).

  • 403b: SADC offers a 403b retirement plan through Vanguard. There are no matching funds at this time, but employees may contribute to the plan pre-tax.

  • Annual cost of living increase as approved by the Board of Directors

  • There will be a 60-day introductory period upon hiring with a review at the end of 60 days


Other Benefits

For you:

  • Free adult classes 

  • Occasional spots in workshops/masterclasses

  • Reduced studio rental ($10/hr)

  • 75% off class for your children in the youth program

  • Ongoing paid professional development opportunities



Non-exempt (paid hourly, eligible for overtime)


Email a resume and cover letter to: hr@shawl-anderson.org

Open until filled

If you are an arts administrator and would like to share your resume with us for future opportunities you may email it to: hr@shawl-anderson.org. If you are a dance teacher or choreographer who would like to instruct or offer a workshop, please send your resume and a statement of interest in the body of your email to hr@shawl-anderson.org.



SADC offers work exchange designed for dancers interested in becoming a vital part of our community and are in need of funding to sustain their dance training. Work study students are an essential contribution to the overall success of the Center. This program is currently on hold. Please reach out to info@shawl-anderson.org with questions.


We offer weekly shifts that primarily involve cleaning the Center: this includes, but is not limited to, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping floors, dusting, cleaning mirrors, wiping down the barres and mats, cleaning bathrooms, etc. 


If a weekly shift doesn't work for you, we also offer one-off event/administration shifts throughout the year. 



The exchange rate is one dance class (or 1-hour rental) for each hour of work. The value of the work exchange is based on current class and rental pricing.


We'll ask you agree to the following conditions when you commit to a shift:

You'll complete (or get covered) 100% of the shifts you've committed to. If you cannot make your shift due to a schedule conflict, illness or other reason, it is your responsibility to get the shift covered by contacting other work study students and letting desk staff know in a timely manner. This is also beneficial to other students who want to pick up additional hours.  If you experience an unforeseen illness or emergency at the last minute, please call SADC immediately to communicate your absence and they will seek a substitute for the shift.

You will use your accrued classes regularly with the understanding that this program is designed to support students in pursuing training in dance. If you accrue more than 10 classes, your shift may be re-assigned to another student who is able to use their accrued classes regularly. Possible exceptions made.


You understand that due to the constant use of this building, 80 hours a week, 7 days a week, your job as a work-study student is very important to the everyday operations of the Center and you take responsibility for being consistent, on time, and thorough. Your work contributes to the overall success of the Center and the quality of our students’ experience dancing at the Center.



SADC volunteers are dedicated friends of the organization who generously share their time to serve our mission. We are always looking for individuals to assist with performances, special events, mailings, documentation, archiving and more. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering please email info@shawl-anderson.org and let us know your interests. You can also join  our weekly email update list to receive information about the latest opportunities.