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45+ drop-in classes per week
modern | ballet | jazz | yoga | pilates
all levels: new to dance - professional

Artistic Director: Jill Randall

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Teens: Please see Teen Key to see which class is your level


Frequently asked questions

What level am I?

It's important for the safety and enjoyment of all for students to select classes at the appropriate level. We encourage you to call our Front Desk Staff for recommendations if you are new to the studio. Our Adult Program Page gives detailed descriptions about how our adult levels work. Keep in mind that each teacher has a different style, so one Intermediate class may not feel as difficult as another, depending on your background and training. When you attend a class for the first time, ask the teacher to advise whether it’s the correct level for you. We support our teachers’ recommendations regarding class level, and we ask that you do too! We generally recommend to first try the level below what you think you can do. You can always level-up if you need more challenge! Still not sure? Contact Artistic Director, Jill Randall, if you want to chat about it more! Jill is happy to discuss our program.

I've never danced before. What classes should I take?

Brand new to dance or to a particular style? Check out our 6-week Intro Series Workshops. These are designed to teach you the fundamentals of a dance form so you can start dropping in to weekly classes!

I'm under 18, can I take adult classes?

Students who are under 18 must receive special permission to take adult classes. Call us at (510) 654-5921 and set up a meeting with Katie Kruger or Jill Randall before attending any adult classes.

When should I arrive for class?

Please arrive early! There are no advanced sign-ups, and you aren’t guaranteed a spot. Some classes have caps and can fill even 10 minutes prior to start time. No students will be admitted after 15 minutes for safety and to avoid disruption. Teachers may set an earlier cut-off time at their discretion.

How do I pay/sign-up for class:

You can pay for a drop-in class or buy a class card at the front desk with cash, check, or credit card. Payment must be received before the beginning of class (even if you are running late)! If you have a class card, pull it from the boxes next to the sign-in sheets and place it in the basket that accompanies the class you are taking. Always sign-in to your class on the sign-in sheets located at the front desk (please print). One class requires advanced sign-up (except when their is a sub): 10 am Advanced Modern on Thursdays with Melecio Estrella. -Pre-registration will be taken Wednesdays from noon - 8:30pm for the next day's class.
-Pre-registration is accepted via phone (510) 654-5921 or in person at the front desk on a first-come, first-served basis
-Payment is due at time of pre-registration. If you use a class-card, it will be punched at time of registration. No refunds for no-shows or cancellations.
-14 pre-registration slots are available. Four slots will be held for walk-ups each week on a first-come, first-served basis.
-Any slots not taken by 8:30pm on Wednesday will become drop-in slots and posted on the SADC website as available for drop-ins. No pre-registration phone calls will be accepted on Thursday mornings

How long are classes?

All dance classes are 90 minutes unless otherwise noted. Conditioning classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted.

What do I wear?

Adult students can wear any comfortable athletic or dance attire. We recommend attire that is fitted to the body for ease of movement and offering of corrections. In general, long hair should be pulled back and jewelry should be removed. Recommended Footwear: Modern - barefoot or thin socks Ballet - ballet shoes or thin socks Jazz - jazz shoes, ballet shoes, or barefoot All footwear MUST be specifically designed for indoor dance use only so that our floors do not get damaged.

Are you fragrance-free?

YES! We are a fragrance-free studio in order to respect the sensitivities of some students. We ask students refrain from wearing: -Perfume -Highly fragranced body lotions/shampoos, -Essentials oils -Products such as Icy-Hot and Tiger Balm.

How big are your classes?

Depending on room the class is in, sizes range from 6-25 students. Some classes have a size limit. There is no sign-up in advance, and we cannot guarantee a spot. Please arrive early to be sure there is space!