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Financial Aid

Discounted Training Program (DTP)

Shawl-Anderson Dance Center is reimagining what it means to be a community hub for self-expression in the East Bay and is deeply committed to building a vital, inclusive, and diverse space for movers of all ages and styles. As part of these efforts, Shawl-Anderson has launched the Discount Training Program (DTP) for students over 18 with an annual gross household income of $50,000 or less. All applicants will be considered, including working artists, college students, senior adults, public school teachers, and more. Those who are interested can apply by filling out this form.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the Discounted Training Program?

Simply put, DTP is a way for students to continue their dance training at a discounted price. With the DTP discount code, students can purchase single classes at a rate of $12/class (a 33% discount). Applications are reviewed at the beginning of every month and will be accepted on a rolling basis.


Am I eligible for DTP?

Eligible applicants are expected to have a total annual household income of $50,000 or lower. If your household income is higher than this eligibility limit, but you have difficulty paying for class, please explain any extenuating circumstances in your application. All information shared on the application is confidential.


How long can I be in DTP? Can I reapply?

Each DTP cycle is approximately 6 months long. Students can reapply for DTP towards the end of each cycle for as long as they continue to meet the requirements. Please contact if you are impacted by a change in your financial circumstances.


What classes can I take with the DPT discount?

DTP recipients can purchase single class passes to be used towards any regularly scheduled in-person, online, and outdoor classes. Workshops, pop-up classes, and master classes are exempt from the DTP discount unless otherwise stated. Scholarships are available for most workshops, pop-ups, and master classes; scroll down to read more about scholarships. 


What if I can’t afford classes, even with the DTP discount?

Students experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to apply to the Stephanie Jacob Scholarship Program- scroll down to read more about scholarships. 


Please note that you can be enrolled in only one program at a time (Discounted Training Program, Stephanie Jacob Scholarship, or Work/Exchange Program).

If you have access needs and/or do not have access to a computer, please call the Center at (510) 654-5921, and a staff member will gladly assist. Contact with inquiries, including any inquiries about status updates to your application.


Stephanie Jacob Scholarship Program

Through generous community donations from adult students; an annual gift from former adult student Stephanie Jacob; and support from the Bill Graham Memorial Foundation, we are able to offer scholarships to adults. Please complete complete this simple ONLINE FORM

Applications are currently open and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


Work Exchange Program

Whether you are new to the dance scene or a seasoned professional, the Work Exchange program at Shawl-Anderson offers an excellent path to making new connections, staying active in your community, and building administrative and functional skills. As a Work Exchange member, you receive $18/hour credit for every hour worked, which can go towards taking classes and workshops or renting rehearsal space. Members receive rehearsal space at a discounted rate of $18/hour (usually $22/hour). Duties include: maintaining building operations/cleaning, helping at Youth and other performances, stewarding/front desk help, and more.

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