Financial Aid

Discounted Training Program (DTP)


In an effort to support more dancers of all levels and ages and offer access to dance classes and training, Shawl-Anderson Dance Center is offering the Discount Training Program (DTP) for adults ages 18 and up earning $50,000 or less annual total household income.


The program serves all interested students, including: working artists, college students, senior adults, public school teachers, teaching artists, and more. The main criteria is a total household income of $50,000 or less per year.


The DTP is for single classes only at $12 per class; there are no discounted class cards through DTP at this time.



  • APPLICATIONS are open - If computer access is a barrier, please call the Center at (510) 654-5921, and a staff member will gladly assist you in completing the form.

  • Applications are rolling until all spots are filled. Applications will be reviewed at the beginning of each month.

  • If you submit a mid-month application and want us to review it sooner, notify us at


50 students will be selected as follows, based on income level and the category in which you are applying: Retired, Unemployed, Working Artist, Student, Public School Employee, or General Student. SADC will consider extending the pool beyond 50 students if more interest is demonstrated by the applicant response.


Retired students = 10% of the spots (5 students)

Unemployed students = 10% (5 students)

Working artists (of any art form) = 10% (5 students)

Students (college, graduate school, culinary school, PT school, etc) = 10% (5 students)

Public school employees = 10% (5 students)


The remaining 25 spots will go to general dance students, of any level or age, who are earning $45,000 or less. The 25 will be selected based on income level, selecting from the lowest income students first.


If the 5 categories do not get filled, those spots will go into the general student pool. (For example, if only 3 students apply in the Retired category, 2 spots will go in the general student category, where the only criteria is income level.)


All information shared on the application is confidential.


If you are not selected for the first round of the DTP, you can reapply for subsequent rounds and SADC staff will assist in connecting you with Work Study opportunities and the Stephanie Jacob Adult Scholarship.


Stephanie Jacob Adult Scholarship Program

Through generous community donations from adult students; an annual gift from former adult student Stephanie Jacob; and support from the Bill Graham Memorial Foundation, we are able to offer scholarships to adults in need three times per year. Please complete complete this simple ONLINE FORM. Scholarships are typically a 4-class card, 8-class card, 12-class card or 75% of tuition for a workshop.

Applications are currently open and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


Work Study Program

SADC offers a robust work study program. For each hour of work, you can take one class in exchange or rehearse for one hour. This averages to be a $16-$18 value per hour. The work study program includes cleaning the building, helping at performances, computer/data entry, front desk help, and more. While our usual in-house work study options are hold due to COVID closure, some opportunities are available. APPLICATIONS AND MORE INFO HERE.