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Widening the Circle

Creating more opportunities for movement each day

This week: featuring Suhaila Salimpour's Middle Eastern Belly Dance on Thursday nights
at our flagship location on Alcatraz Ave, Berkeley!


2023 has been an intense and fruitful year of engagement and expression. Thank you for taking the time to reflect with us. At Shawl-Anderson Dance Center (SADC) we are feeling the push-pull of opposites and dancing through the tensions: the intimacy of our small studios in light of expansion to a bigger space in West Oakland; dancers who have joyfully returned in-person and some who dance at home online for safety; the deeply personal acts of rest and reflection in our arts community, colliding with the cornucopia of courageous self-produced public productions happening each week; and, the joy of connection and friendship and community as experienced against deep, impactful global sadness and loss.


SADC has operated as a dance resource and community center for over 65 years and we  are so grateful for how our dancers, donors, artists, families, renters, and youth show up to make SADC what it is each day. You showed up during COVID for virtual classes when all was uncertain; you danced outside with us braving the elements and making beauty happen all the while; families brought their young people back with enthusiasm as soon as we opened the doors again in 2021; artists are deep into robust movement research on the daily; and everyone is participating in reintegrating our varying energies, ages, backgrounds, and rhythms to honor the many reasons why we dance.


Your gifts of time, dancing, and donations have revived our hope, restored our ability to employ teaching artists, and rebooted our scholarship programs for youth and adults. We are blessed and overflowing with your tenacious and unwavering support.

As we close 2023, we ask you to renew a commitment to helping re-imagine and create equitable and positive spaces for expression. Our year-end goal is to widen the circle of dance and movement in the East Bay.

Our goal is to raise $70,000 by December 31st. Why give? Your gift will:

  • support our five locations to serve a wider geographic circle and accommodate accessibility needs, especially the new offerings at BANDALOOP studios in West Oakland

  • create a continued refuge for artists and movement practitioners to dream, research, create, commune and share via our residency and rental programs, as well as the annual Queering Dance Festival

  • prioritize reflection on our youth and adult programs, adding classes where there is community need, and making changes thoughtfully as a staff together to better serve each and every student as human beings and as dancers

We are pleased to have another chance to collaborate with you and make dance history here at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center. If you have been moved by dance, or have a loved one for whom it has been life-changing, please help us widen the circle with your tax-deductible gift so that more people and communities can be transformed by the power of dance. The legacy of our creative and courageous founders Frank Shawl and Victor Anderson, and the future of our young people, will live on through your generosity.

With immense gratitude,

Rebecca Johnson                             Jill Randall                        Noah D. James III
Rebecca Johnson                                      Jill Randall                                  Noah D. James III
Executive Director                                     Artistic Director                          Development Associate

& the board, faculty and staff of SADC

Thank you for your support!

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