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MASK POLICY UPDATE (February 2023)


Effective on Friday, February 10, 2023, masks will be OPTIONAL at SADC for most classes and workshops. "Mask optional" means that you are welcome to wear a mask, and that some teachers will still wear a mask but not require masks of every student in the room. This also means that masks will be optional in the lobby, dressing rooms, and common spaces. This policy applies to all SADC locations. 


There are a few classes, listed below, which will still require masks for teachers, accompanists, and students alike. Thank you for supporting our faculty that are opting to maintain masks for all in class.


SADC will still have spare masks available at the front desk. We suggest still bringing a mask in your dance bag in case there is a last-minute sub or change.


ADULT PROGRAM classes still requiring masks:

  • Thursday 10am Beg II Ballet with Chris Lam

  • Thursday 11:45am Int Ballet with Chris Lam

  • Friday 11:45am Int/Adv Ballet with Wendy Diamond

  • Sunday 11:45am Int Ballet with Wendy Diamond

  • Aiano Nakagawa’s class when they sub for Adult Modern


YOUTH PROGRAM classes still requiring masks:

  • Tuesday 7:30pm Beg Teen Modern with Catalina O’Connor

  • Wednesday 4:30pm Intermediate Teen Jazz with ArVejon Jones

  • Thursday 4:30pm Beg Teen Jazz with ArVejon Jones

  • Saturday 11am Intermediate Teen Modern with Catalina O’Connor



Each renter can decide with their dancers or as a group whether to wear masks or make them optional.


If you or your child is immunocompromised and we were not aware of this, please speak up and we can talk further about masking needs in particular classes. Reach out to Associate Director of Operations Bianca Cabrera at or (510) 654-5921.


If there is a SUB for a class who requests that all students wear masks, we will note this in the class title and description.


SADC is still sending out Covid Exposure Notices. If you test positive for Covid-19 and have recently been in class or rehearsing at SADC, please email or call (510) 654-5921. Thank you.


Important note: this Masking Policy Update is subject to change at all times.


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