ALL participants, employees, renters and visitors of SADC all ages must be vaccinated for COVID. We also strongly suggest the booster for those eligible. Please see the end of this email for how to use VaxGuard to upload proof of vaccination.


Exemptions: we will grant few exemptions, but if need be, please make an exemption request by COMPLETING THIS FORM ONLINE. If approved, we will require a negative PCR covid test every time you visit the center. Please give us one week's time to process your reuqest.


TESTING: We suggest regular at-home rapid testing and PCR testing if you are attending classes indoors with us. We recommend these free testing sites with quick turnaround on results (usually within 24 hrs):

Curative Berkeley
New Parish Oakland
Test the People North Oakland


TRAVEL & TESTING: everyone should follow the newly updated CDC guidelines for travel and testing. If you've taken a significant road trip or have traveled by air:

  • all people MUST have a negative PCR test before you return to SADC

  • please take a PCR test 1-3 days before returning home

  • if you do not test before you travel home, please take a PCR test right away and only come back to the center with a negative PCR result



  • If there is a positive COVID exposure at SADC, we will:

    • Notify you immediately if you were dancing in a studio with someone who has tested positive - we will email and call/text you

    • Deeply sanitize the entire dance center

    • Reserve the option to move activities for youth and adults to an online format if there is an outbreak (3+ cases in same exposure)

  • Once notified by us, VACCINATED people must:

    • If you have symptoms, isolate immediately to minimize possible spread

    • Report any symptoms to us right away

    • Schedule a PCR test with a medical provider on DAY 5 after the exposure (you can test sooner, but results may not be accurate)

    • Example: exposure on a Monday; once notified please isolate and wait to have a PCR test until Friday

    • Rapid testing at home is also helpful and can give peace of mind as you wait for the window to get an accurate PCR test

    • According to the Berkeley Public Health department, vaccinated folks who are exposed do not need to quarantine; however, we ask that you NOT return to SADC until you have a negative PCR test on day 5 or later after the exposure

  • Once notified by us, UNVACCINATED people must:

    • do a shortened quarantine for 7 days

    • have a PCR test on or after DAY 5

    • return to dancing at SADC on day 8 after exposure with negative test

    • Example: exposure on 12/9; shortened quarantine period  12/9-12/16; test on 12/15 or later; may return to regular activities on 12/17 or two days after test with negative result



  • Masks covering NOSE & MOUTH required at all times for anyone entering an indoor location of SADC; hand sanitizer upon each entry. SADC has masks for children and adults at the entry if you forget yours or have a mask breakage.

  • Arrive on time or no more than 5-10 minutes ahead of class time. If you can come dressed and ready for class, that's ideal. Use of the dressing rooms is welcome, but please avoid if not needed and do not linger.

  • After class you may take up to 5 minutes to stretch, chat, connect, but please make your way outdoors as soon as possible. We are working on outdoor space including getting patio furniture out front so you can be in community safely outdoors!

  • The showers will be unavailable until further notice



We are offering ample online options. If you prefer to dance online and not seeing an offering you're interested in, please email us! We will do our best to provide a wide range of online classes and options.

Please note that is designed so that classes can be reprogrammed to online only with little notice. We are glad to have this in place and do reserve the right to change class formats to online should we experience an outbreak or other need to limit in-person dancing. Thank you for understanding and resilience as we navigate this very unpredictable virus.



  • Vaccine not required but strongly suggested for those dancing outdoors

  • Masks MUST be worn by unvaccinated dancers outdoors

  • Masks are optional for vaccinated dancers

  • ALL DANCERS & TEACHERS we encourage to practice social distancing of at least 6 feet outdoors - do spread out and use the whole space




  • Main renter needs to have a union account and show proof of vaccination in VaxGuard (see below)

  • Have dancers and participants joining you use VaxGuard (see below)

  • Anyone attending the rehearsal must show proof of vaccination or go through the exemption process (please allow a full week to apply and hear from us and know that you'll need to test before every single visit)

  • We will need to know the name and see the proof of vaccination for all entering the building in case you have a last minute guest who hasn't used to upload their proof of vaccination with VaxGuard


We are requesting that our community provide proof of the COVID-19 vaccination in our enrollment system. This needs to be done just one time, then you will be marked as vaccinated in our system.


  • If already in our system, please sign in at If not yet enrolled, go to and create a profile using the STUDENT NAME (not parent name if a youth student)

  • Once you have an account with, please go to the My Account button on the upper right; use the drop down menu and select Vax Guard

  • Follow the instructions to complete your proof of vaccination - it will ask you to upload or take a picture of your child/teen with their vaccination card with dates showing clearly. This does not remain on file with us, but is reviewed and then your account is marked as having completed VaxGuard

  • If you are a visitor or someone participating in a rental who doesn't plan on enrolling in class or making purchases, please "buy" a $0 pre-enrollment pass here once you have an account so that we may view your profile from the administrative side



Safety, health, and community care are driving these policies and updates. At the same time, inclusion and access are very important. We are providing as many options as we can for the community with in-person, online only, hybrid, and outdoor class formats. Please reply to this email if you have questions and concerns. We want to be in dialogue!