Mbongui Square Festival

Saturday - Sunday
December 21-22 | 7p

December 21-22


Kiandanda Dance Theater 

Mbongui Square Festival 


Photos courtesy of the artists

Mbongui Square Festival is a community project that promotes ethnic diversity and encourages the intersectionality of art forms. The festival creates a bridge between local, national and international artists to enrich the local experience and reinforce the vision of a society that coalesces through the art of dance, music, spoken word poetry, and visual arts.

In the Kongo language of Central Africa, Mbongui is a place where the community gathers. Mbongui means togetherness and it upholds values of hospitality, free speech, justice, equity, and moral societal codes.
Performing Artists:
Mukti Dance Collective
Vidhya Subramanian Ensemble
A. Spearman & Co.
Lucia August
Bliss Dance Company
Naina Shastri and Namaha Ensemble
Marvin K. White
Sistah Iminah
Nia McAllister
Bahiya Movement
Darius Simpson
Kiandanda Dance Theater
Uzo Method Project
Alexandra Cummins
Kendra Kimbrough Dance Emsemble
Danica Sena
Please note: this venue is not wheelchair-accessible. Performance space is up six steps at the front door and one flight of stairs.