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SADC promotes engaged learning with a focus on creative practices and rigorous training in a welcoming community.

Our skillful teaching artists are committed to developing reflective and creative dancers who care about community and develop an awareness of the whole body and whole person.

Whether you are a teen just starting to dance, a child exploring movement and play, or a young person pursuing a dance dream, we welcome you to the SADC community.


Monday, January 2 - Saturday, May 27


Jan 16 (MLK) / April 2-8 (Spring Break)

Please scroll down for enrollment instructions and policies.

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Tentative Dates for Spring 2023 end-of the semester sharings/performances:

Ages 3-7 - Informal in-studio sharings the last week of classes

Sunday May 21 - Saturday May 27

Ages 8-11 - Performance at Longfellow Middle School May 13

Ages 12-18 - Performance at Mills College May 20 & 21

                 FALL 2022

Monday, August 22 - Saturday, December 17

NO Classes Mon, Sept 5 / Nov 21-27, 2022

Click the Botton below for details and dates for our end of the semester sharings!

  • Masks are still required for all indoor classes
  • ​Vaccinations are not required, but highly encouraged 
    • Parents can confirm proof of vaccine for their children using the VaxGuard tool in Union.fit
    • VaxGuard is simple: click here to learn how to upload proof of vaccine 

    • Use your child's name as the account name - not the parent name​
    • To enroll more than one child please make separate accounts using separate email addresses

    • Refunds available until Sunday, January 22nd (or 3 weeks from the class start date) less a $40 cancel fee and the cost of classes up through the date you notify us.

    • Credit available until Sunday, February 26, 2023 less $40 cancellation fee, and less value of classes gone by.

    • Students ages 3-4 who drop due to lack of readiness will not be charged the cancelation fee

    • COVID/AIR QUALITY CLOSURE: should we need to close our doors in-person due to covid, any virus or poor air quality due to wildfire, we will move classes to an online format. Please be prepared to access online classes via Union.fit integrated with Zoom. The access is a simple one-click from your Union.fit account. We cannot offer refunds or credits for any period of time where we need to move classes to an online format.

    • You may sign up for a trial after December 26, 2022 if there is still space in the class​. All trial classes are $25.

    • Make-ups for youth program classes are only permitted in the event of emergencies or severe illness. Please write to youth@shawl-anderson with any make-up requests.

    • Refunds/credits will not be issued for one-off absences

    • If your child will be absent or more than 15 minutes late, please call to notify (510) 654-5921 or write to youth@shawl-anderson.com​​

    • If you have a credit you would like to use, write to youth@shawl-anderson.org. We will get back to within 48 hours. If you do have a past account credit and are willing to let it go and enroll anew, we appreciate your continued support.

    • We have two youth locations:

    • SADC: 2704 Alcatraz Ave, Berkeley CA 94705

    • Shotgun Studios: 1201 University Ave, Berkeley CA 94702



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Ballet at SADC emphasizes proper technique, strength, musicality and expression through movement. Our program is designed to support beginning to advanced dancers; if a child or teen is excited about ballet, we are excited to teach them.  


Our faculty aims to move beyond stereotypes related to ballet, teaching children in a manner that is engaging, challenging and age-appropriate. We attend to the physical, intellectual and emotional development of each dancer based on current wisdom around care for the body and mind through dance practice.

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Hip-Hop classes at SADC start with hip-hop culture, history, and various forms and styles of hip-hop dance. Classes explore both the fundamental movement vocabulary as well as hybrid newer forms. Dancers learn to create and collaborate with classmates and to explore their own expressive voice through free styling and cyphers. Hip-hop is a vibrant form with rhythmic footwork, challenging floor moves, and stylized and specific gestures and arms. Hip-Hop at SADC gives students a window into the origins, history and evolution of various street styles that inform today’s contemporary and popular dance cultures.

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Jazz is a diverse form that is known for its strong dynamic energy, distinct vocabulary and stylized movement with roots in social dance and popular music. Jazz at SADC is based on contemporary movement with a classical jazz foundation. Class incorporates elements of ballet, which helps students build a strong technical base.  Technique is paired with choreography that cultivates an expressive emotional style. Jazz provides excellent training for aspiring actors and musical theater performers due to its performative and dramatic focus.         

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Modern dance explores the concepts of space, time and energy. Improvisation and composition are paired with a rigorous technical foundation to build strength, foster creativity and encourage freedom of movement. Beginning level students explore the roots and basics of modern dance. As students progress, they engage with the more challenging and contemporary aspects of the form including floorwork, inversions, partnering, release, performance quality and more. Our staff attends to the physical, intellectual and emotional development of each student based on current wisdom and care for the body and the mind through dance practice.