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Dance brings out our deepest aspirations. Movement can be an expression of hope for the future.

What do you wish for when you dance?

Or come see us and
DONATE at the SADC front desk!

Shawl-Anderson Dance Center is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to supporting movers of all ages in fully embracing their experience of dance. We want all who wish to dance to join in. But sometimes, financial strains can be a barrier to participation.

Shawl-Anderson’s Adult Scholarship program offers students in need the opportunity to apply for financial support. Scholarships are offered three times per year through an online application.

Right now, we are seeking 100 people to donate $17 each. By donating the cost of a single class, you will share the gift of dance with a fellow student in the year ahead.

It’s easy to donate now - either on this page or at SADC’s front desk when you register for class. To reflect the spirit of your donation, we invite you to share a wish in a word or two that will go to the recipient. Let them know what you wish for yourself, for them, or for our community - as we experience the act of moving together.

Thank you for participating and for being a part of what makes Shawl-Anderson Dance Center a place that inspires, challenges, transforms and connects.


With gratitude,

Rebecca Johnson  &  Jill Randall

Executive Director     Artistic Director

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