Rebuilding community through dance

Let's rebuild, restore and renew community through dance in 2022
2021 showed us once again that the heart of Shawl-Anderson Dance Center (SADC) is the people it serves. Thank you for returning to the center in 2021: to classes, rentals and performances–in-person, online and outdoors. With you, we have returned to the work and play of rebuilding community through dance.
This year brought not only the reopening of the center, but new inspiration. Our expanded Board of Directors established a new mission and vision in order to broaden and deepen our commitment:

SADC builds and supports a vital and inclusive community for movers of all ages and styles. Founded in 1958, SADC provides dance education, institutional support for artists, a performance and rehearsal venue, and partnerships with other community-based organizations. SADC shares in the work of re-imagining and creating equitable and positive spaces for expression in the East Bay.
While the new mission and vision percolated this fall, we took time to catch some of our community members in dialogue. They reflected upon the impact of SADC in their lives:
"From the moment I walked into my first class almost 20 years ago, I have felt embraced by the space and the people that sustain it.  I am thankful for the countless hours of sweat, focus and learning that have enriched my craft as a dance artist. SADC is proof that a learning community of kindness, rigor and humility can lead to potent, life affirming dancing."
(Faculty, Student, Former Artist in Residence)
“Kinesthetic curiosity, cool confidence, culture, community, creativity–-these are just a few of the enormously important values our daughters have learned at SADC. And that’s just scratching the surface. Honestly, what can’t you learn from a dance class?!? SADC fosters talent and dance appreciation from toddler to teen to adult!”
–-Amy, Layla, Hettie & Ramin
(Youth Program family)
“I've been dancing at SADC for over six decades. Whatever would we do without you? Your dedication to continually offering us the best is awesome. I share this with gratitude and wishes for a successful 2022 and beyond!
(one of SADC's very first students... and still dancing!)
As the year ends, we are aiming to raise $50,000 in order to rebuild our capacity. Your gift today will help SADC rehire, reconfigure, restore and renew the resources needed to carry out our mission and continue to bring vital dance experiences to movers of all ages in our 64th year!

Your tax-deductible contribution will help sustain scholarships for adult and youth students, allow SADC to rehire key administrative and program staff positions reduced during the pandemic, allow us to continue fee-free fiscal sponsorship for BIPOC artists, continue the Queering Dance Festival, and help us maintain a wide array of class offerings at different sizes, levels and styles. Your donation now is also key in helping us remain responsive to the continued challenges of covid as the pandemic evolves.

Over the course of any given year at SADC, the dance multiplies each day, movement by movement
–-and moment by moment–-to create spaces that are imbued with creativity, connection and expression.

Thank you to all our generous campaign donors!


Susan Aaron

Lauren Aczon

Ariellah Aflalo

Kathryn Aftosmis

Daphne Albert

Rami Albert

Tarquin Alwattar

Danielle Ancin

Kristen Aramthanapon

Ynez Arce

Lisa Archer

Ana Aristizabal

Caroline Armitage

Michael Armstrong

Aimee Arrieta

Lucia August/Everybody Can Dance

Lauren Baines

Deanna Bangs

Yeran Bao

Jennifer Barnes

Claudia Bauer

Andrea Behr

Laurel Bellon

Sima Belmar

Barak Ben-Gal

Maria Benjamin

Stefani Berger

Lynne Bertram

Jeannette Biffle

Mandi Billinge

Lucinda Bingham

Laurie Bochner

Christine Borchani

Laura Borrman

Lisa Boury

Michelle Bowler

Linda Boyd

Summer Brenner

Sara Brody

Ellen Bromberg

Sally Brook

Chelsea Brown

Kirstin Brown

Terri Brown

Darcy Brown-Martin

Nancy Bryan

Jocelyn Buchanan

Sara Buckelew

Alison Bunker

Lisa Bush Finn

Sarah Bush

Kaili Butare

Ying Cai

Claire & Doug Calalo Berry

Julia Canavese

Laura & Andrew Cantino

Heidi Carlsen

Caroline Catingub

Nancy Cecchettini

Iliana Cervantes

Dedra Chamberlin

Arthur Chan

Michelle Chang

Stefanie Charren

Sarah Cheney

Tammy Cheney

Brenton Cheng

Jean Cheng

Emily Chesley

Mae Chesney

Audrey Childs

Grace Chinn

Jarrell Chua

Cathleen Chua Schulte

Matthew Cohen

Sharon Coleman

Karyn Connell

Denison Cook

Linda Corley

Jennifer Corn

Emily Corpuz

Mindy Craig

Carrie Crespo Dixon

Riley Rose Critchlow

Camille Crittenden

Sophia Cross

Janet Crothers

Julie Crothers

Leah Curran

Christie da Silva

Kari Dahlgren

Andrea Damon

Coreen Danaher

Kara Davis

​Benjamin de Bivort

Julie de Jesus

Laura De la Torre

Stephanie DeBaun

Catherine DeSchepper

Jeannie Dey

Wendy Diamond

Molly Dickens

Ann DiFruscia

Lawrence Diller

Jan Rose Distel

Marca Doeff

Julie Drassinower

Scott Duane

Laura Dudell-Foley

Kaitlin Duffey

Elizabeth DuVal

Stephanie Eckhaus

Jamie Edwards

Yasmine Eichbaum

Penina Eilberg-Schwartz

Michael Eisen

Catherine Engberg

Mary Enxuto

Melecio & Andy Estrella Jones

Julia Fajardo

Eileen Farrell

Susie Fazlollahi

Rita Felciano

Sara Felder

Rachelle Feldman

Paula Fernandez-Baca

Alana Fink

Bobby Finkelstein

Jennifer Firepine

Jessica Fishman

Nancy Fishman

Laura Flores

Barbara Forbes

Zackary Forcum

Nathan Forster

Rebecca Foster

Julie Freedman

Wendy Frey

Shell Freye-Campbell

Edith Friedman

John Furstenthal

Ellen Gaintner

Leia Gaten

Megan Gearheart

Katherine Gee

Libby Gerard

Christine Germain

Naomi Ginsberg

Alice Glasner

Debbie Gonzalez

Jenaver Goodman

Avilee Goodwin

Leslie Gordon

Howard Green

Shaunna Green

Anna Greenberg

Eliana Greenberg

Stephanie Greenspan

Tarin Griggs

Garth Grimball

Micheal Gross

Claudia Guerrera

Jamie Guidry

Valerie Gutwirth

Mary Wohl Haan

Greta Hadley

Susan Hadley

Nina Haft

Cat Haglund

Ashlyn Hall

Kendal Hall

Ruth Halpern

Robin Halprin

Caroline Hamel

Mary Hammond

Lauren Hanzel

Louise Harm

Lourdes Haro

Alison Hart

Abbey Hartland

Deirdre Hawkins

Shawn Hawkins

Mana Hayakawa

Laura Hays

Belinda He

Jill Heffron

Nicole Henderson

Anja Hendrikse Liu

Leah Hendrix-Smith

Monica Hernandez

Irva Hertz-Picciotto

Michele Hill

Denise Hingle

Michele Hirzel

Catherine Hollander

Jeanine Holmlund

Dawn Holtan

Rachel Hope

Hedvig Horvath

Abigail Hosein

Cara Houser

Marjorie Hoyer Smith

Lisa Hsia

Jennifer Huang

Rose Huey

Zoe Huey

Sabrina Hurley

Junko Imamura

Heather Imboden

Elizabeth Irland

Debbie Isaacson

Yoko Ishihara

Liz Jackson

Sarah Jackson

Janet Jacobson

Erin Jaeb

Peter Jaeschke

Noah James

Narciso Jaramillo

Risa Jaroslow

Matthew Jellison

Tessaly Jen

Jennifer Jerum

Krista Johnson

Becky Johnson

Rebecca L Johnson

Hannah Jones

Richard Jones

Wendy Jones

Lisa Juachon

Jonah Kagan

Leah Kahn

Barbara Kalmanson

Ambika Kamath

Julie Kane

Dan Kanka

Mira Katz

May Kawamoto

Meredith Keith-Chirch

Hayley Keller

Catherine Kessler

Aileen Kim

Amy Kingwill

Elizabeth Klein

Caroline Ko

Sheila Kogan

Grace Kong

Clio Korn

Hannah Krafcik

Jessy Kronenberg

Carol Kueffer-Moore (in honor of Frank Shawl)

Laura Kyropoulos

Fanny Labadie

Debra Lacey

Stephanie Lachowicz

Natalie Lacuesta Byrum

Mary Ann Lafosse

Doriel Lautt

Megan Lavin

Edmer Lazaro

Geraldine Le Roux

Katherine Le

Lauren Lee

Karen Lem-Donahue

Alison Leonard

Anya Leyhe

Elena Li

Sue Li Jue

Leanne Liang

Sukey Lilienthal

Genie Lim

Ina Lim

Joey Lim

Catherine Liu

Gigi Liu

Carol Lloyd

Kristy Logan

Boris Logvinsky

Alison Louie

Lisa Lum

Laura Lydick

Brooke Lyness

Liza Lyons

Susannah Mackintosh

Christina Magee

Louise Mahoney

Deborah Malden

Frank & Sharon Malvoso

Shelby Malvoso

Diane Marcus

Karen Marek

Laura Marlin

Suzanne Martin

Louisa Mascuch

John McConville

Sue McCue

Diane McKallip

Mara McMcmillan

Jolie McRae

Jennifer Meller

Christina Merlo

Andrew Merrell

Elizabeth Meyer

Daniel Miller

Mo Miner

Jennifer Minore

Jane Mitchell

Nancy Monnig

Kathleen Moore

Whitney Morris

Amy Murray

Elizabeth Muth

Jessica Muzio

Taylor Myers

Bianca Nakamura

Marilyn Nasatir

Robin Nasatir

Hilary Naylor

Tessa Nebrida

Dana Nelson-Isaacs

Joyce Ng

Eva Nico

Amelia Nommensen

Tamsin Nutter

Julie Nye

Mackenzie Nye

Cathleen O'Connell

Wendy O'Malley

Catalina OCornnor

Nadia Oka

Brenna Olivier

Georgia Ortega

Phung Osugi

Francesca Osuna

Joy Overstreet

Genevieve Painter

Angela Pao

Alan Park

Diann Parkas

Christina Pavlopoulou

Cid Pearlman

Dina Pecceu

Charles Peoples III

Iliana Perez

Megan Perez-Carpenter

Sarah Peterson-Guada

Phoenicia Pettyjohn

Sally Picciotto

Doreen Pichotti

Tara Pilbrow

Stephanie Pinto

Sharon Pittenger

Tawni Pizzagoni

Susan Powell

Rachel Prince

Guillaume Privat

Merrilee Proffitt

Agnieszka Purves

Karla Quintero

Sophia Raday

Stephanie L. Raffanelli

Blake Rains

Jill Randall

Elizebeth Randall Rains

Alisa Rasera-Holden

Maureen Ray

Rachel Ray

Alexis Read

Dorothy Read

Barbara Reich

Mary Reid

Benedicte Remaud

Ingrid Renard

Christine Renaudin

Cielo Rios

Blanka Rip

Nina Rivkind

JoAnne Robb

Becky Robinson-Leviton

Kim Rohrer

Deborah Roisman

Beatriz Rojas

Tiffany Romain

Jane Rosario

Alisha Rose

Christy Rotman

Katie Roy

Lorna Roza

Joel Rubenzahl

Anne Russell

Elizabeth Rust

Samantha Ryan

Adene Sacks

Andrea Salazar

Chantal Sampogna

Marci Sanchez

Chantal Sarmanoukian

Toby Schachman

Elina Schenker

Sandra Scheuber

Emma Schiefer

Jane Schnorrenberg

Alicia Sermeno

Neel Shah

Nora Sharp

Catherine Sharpe

Elaine Shaw

Erin Sheehy

Claire Sheridan

Lisa Sherman

Richard Shieldhouse

Julia Shure

Stephanie Sidebotham

Ellen Siegelman

Steve Siegelman

Danielle Silk

Elizabeth Singer

Reinette Siwa

Deborah Slater

Charles Slender-White

Dana Smith

Jennifer Smith

Tobias Smith

Ann Smulka

Denise Snaer-Gauder

Judith Solomon

Diana Sonne

Maxene Spellman

Anne Spevack

Michelle Spita

Andrew Spivack

Molly Stern

Jesse Stevenson

Mary Stewart

Krista Stoll

Michael Strange

Elissa Strauss

Emma Strong

Jenny Stulberg

Emily Sullivan

Andrea Surova

Patricia Svilik

Michele Swanson

Daphne Szutu

Deborah Tabor

Setsuko Takenobu

Ashley Terrell Bowie

Audrey Thomas

Dawn Thomas

Piper Thomasson

Evelyn Thorne

Cole Tibbetts

Emma Tome

Benjamin Turman

Carol Uyeda

Ashwini Vaidya

Deanna Van Buren

Ann Van Gelder

Emilia Velasquez

Shaunna Vella

Barbara & Sabatino Verlezza

Sophie Volpp

Pier Voulkos

Jessica Waggoner

Heidi Wagner

Karen Waldschmitt

Michael Wall

Johanna Walsh

Elaine Wander

Aimee Warner

Aria Watson

Monique Webster

David Weckler

Lili Weckler

Maia Weiss

Sean West

Amanda Whitehead

Emily Whitmer

Jennifer Wilks

Michele Williamson

Javan Wilson

Mia Wilson

Kate Wing

Bettina Winter

Hannah Joy Wirshing

Lawrence Wissow

Jennifer Wolan

Maya Woodson Turman

Nina Wu

Lisa Wymore

Hailey Yaffee

John & Kelsey Young

Chingchi Yu

Sarah Elllen Zemore

Mindy Zarem

Anna Zaugh

Wanda Zerr

Grace Zhou


Photos L to R: Hillary Goidell, Casey Ishisan, Christian Peakcock courtesy of Dance Teacher Magazine