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About QDF

QDF is an annual festival celebrating LGBTQ+ artistry and community

Founded in 2019, the QUEERING DANCE FESTIVAL is by and for LGBTQ+ movement artists. Through performances, events, workshops and more, QDF highlights the artistic work and issues on the minds of the queer, trans and gender-nonconforming dance community in the East Bay.

Produced by the QDF Steering Committee, a non-hierarchical collaborative of queer dancers,  QDF presents dance through a queer lens, elevating the work and diverse voices of local LGBTQ+ movement artists from all backgrounds.


Snowflake Calvert, Chibueze Crouch, Clarissa Dyas, Deneka Siu, Jessi Barber

Questions, Comments, Critiques, Love to send?

Email us at

Past Committee Members:

2021-2023: Aiano Nakagawa

2021-2022: Gabrielle Lochard, Ky Woodward-Sollenes

Power in Numbers




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