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What's is the difference between Octopus Box, Octopus CFW and Octopus What is Octopus box Octopus box is a simple box that consists of the tool kit with various hardware tools and an SD Card reader. You can use it to service your LG, Samsung and Sony Ericsson devices. It has no internal memory - it needs your SD Card for all its working. It doesn't have an emulator. It is a real device. It has an RJ45 ethernet port. All the devices to be repaired can be connected via this port. What is Octopus CFW Octopus CFW is the same device as Octopus box but without the SD Card reader. It needs the SD Card to repair your device. It has an built-in memory. It has no ethernet port. The Flash and recovery programming is done through the RJ45 port. The difference between Octopus box and Octopus CFW is that the Octopus box doesn't have the built-in memory. It needs the SD Card to work. But the Octopus CFW has the built-in memory (the amount depends on the device) and it doesn't need the SD Card for the recovery. Octopus box service and maintenance for LG, Samsung and Sony Ericsson smartphones LG, Samsung and Sony Ericsson are producing smartphones in different ranges with different screen sizes and screen resolutions. Now, they have common problems. When your phone's battery is discharging, it's getting dark. You close the light of the phone and it's very difficult to find the phone in a dark room. The same problem appears when you're driving and your car phone rings. When you are driving, you cannot see the number of your phone or you can't hear the phone ring. The same problem appears if you're talking on the phone with someone and the connection is unstable. The phone is very difficult to use. You can use it without problems at home. It's comfortable to use it at home and at work. But at work, the internet connection is unstable and your phone is offline. You cannot make calls, SMS, you can only make a voice call. The problem is, when you start using the phone, the battery is exhausted and you're not sure if it will recover itself. The charging cable may have slipped out of the port. You have problems



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Crackoctopusboxlg darcjan

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