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If you're going to choose someone's homework to copy, you need to choose someone who's good in math. Blanche Hanalis.

Homework, I have discovered, involves a sharp pencil and thick books and long sighs. Katherine Applegate.

Many students hate homework, right? It can be really bothersome to spend time home finishing tasks for school when we can have fun and enjoy the time spent out of school. Whether you love studying or not, there must have been some time when you hated doing your homework. These funny homework quotes will remind you of the homework struggles and make you laugh with their wittiness.

It seems like the more homework a nation's teachers assign, the worse that nation's students do on achievement tests. Professor Baker.

Today school systems overwhelmingly use homework as a pedagogical staple and a measurement for assessing students' academic growth in the short term. David C. Berliner.

There's no evidence that homework is good for reinforcement, if parents are going to give up their home life for homework, there should be evidence that it will produce something. Professor Kralovec.

There is no evidence that any amount of homework improves the academic performance of elementary school students. John Buell.

Many claim that homework is necessary for improving student achievement--an assertion that is only partially a supported by research. Janet Alleman.

I'd rather take baths with a man-eating shark, or wrestle a lion alone in the dark, eat spinach and liver, pet ten porcupines, than tackle the homework, my teacher assigns.

The team that is going to win is the one that does its homework the best by studying its opponents. Imran Khan.

When you also learn the truth about homework, chances are that you'll want to do something to lighten that heavy backpack your child drags home each night. Sara Bennett.

Parents enforce homework because they believe children who study hard make the grade. David C. Berliner.

Homework is a long-standing education that, until recently, has seldom been questioned. Cathy Vatterott.

Do your homework or hire wise experts to help you. Never jump into a business you have no idea about. John Templeton.

The most common reason teachers give for assigning homework is that parents want it. I know parents who judge the quality of the school by how much homework the teachers give, often creating a climate that forces teachers to create assignments against their better judgement. Vera Goodman.

My daddy used to ask us whether the teacher had given us any homework. If we said no, he'd say, well, assign yourself. Marian Wright Edelman.

Homework! Oh, Homework! I hate you! You stink! I wish I could wash you away in the sink, if only a bomb would explode you to bits. Homework! Oh, homework! You're giving me fits.

Over the next few decades, schools institutionalized homework as a primary means for determining a student's academic proficiency on almost a daily basis. David C. Berliner.

My life is a black hole of boredom and despair. So basically you've been doing homework. Like I said, black hole. Kiersten White.

There are always more events to be organized, students to be congratulated, cheers to say, homework to design, and challenges to meet. Pondie Nicholson.

The controversy over homework starts with a large number of academic studies that have sought to establish or refute the notion that homework improves academic performance. John Buell.

As the culture changed, and as the schools and families have changed, homework has become problematic for more and more students, parent, and teachers. Cathy Vatterott.

Homework has generally been viewed as a positive practice and accepted without question as part of the student routine. Cathy Vatterott.

With parents increasingly involved in assignments every step of the way we think homework undermines the teaching of responsibility. Sara Bennett.

Homework that is light, and designed so that families can enjoy spending time working together, is valuable. Vera Goodman.

Homework! Oh, Homework! Poem by Jack Prelutsky.

Most parents eagerly include 'homework time' as part of the daily household routine and act as tutor. David C. Berliner.

20 Funny Homework Quotes That Will Make You Laugh Hard.

We define meaningful homework as tasks that enrich the in-school curriculum by challenging students to think deeply about important questions, apply their knowledge and skills toward solving genuine problems, and creating authentic products that will be used in meaningful ways. Janet Alleman.

My parents always taught me that my day job would never make me rich; it'd be my homework. Daymond John.

Meaningful homework should match the goals of the lessons and units and should expand, enrich, or apply what is learned in school. Janet Alleman.

it's wonderful what they can do with computers these days and I'm pretty sure you have homework to do. Holden Weihs.

Homework is a breeze. Cooking is a pleasant diversion. Putting up a retaining wall is a lark. But teaching is like climbing a mountain. Fawn M. Brodie.

Homework! Oh, homework! you're last on my list, I simple can't see why you even exist, if you just disappeared it would tickle me pink. Homework! Oh, homework! I hate you! You stink!

Students who do homework receive better grades or higher test scores, but they do not establish that homework causes improved performance. John Buell.

The same people who never did their homework in high school are still doing that to this very day out in the real world. Jules Shear.

When I was growing up, my parents told me. Finish your dinner. People in China and India are starving. I tell my daughters. Finish your homework. People in India and China are starving for your job. Thomas Friedman.

Thorough homework—good fact-finding coupled with good analysis—is essential if good remedies are to follow and if an effective case is to be made for a particular cause. Frank Sennett.

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