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As you can see some level of professionalism is required here and therefore we will require you to send us scanned copies of your academic certificates. Any and all those who have high school level of education and above can participate in this. Experience is also very important in this case. Therefore if you have been doing assignments or any other related written content you can send any certificates you have or send us any reference that can confirm that you have been working with them. For anyone who might have been doing assignments with any other websites and you have a good profile you can send us a link to help us confirm your experience and expertise.

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Are you good in maths or maybe physics? Are you good in solving those engineering problems? Maybe excellent in a specific course. Are you good in writing? Then this is for you. Here at millionformula you can earn money online by doing assignments. We receive assignments of all kinds and all levels of education, from lower schools to high schools to colleges/universities. You have a chance to get some of this money by doing some of these assignments. Some just need some work typed for them, some just need some problems solved for them, similarly some just need summary done for them and much more. You can always choose the jobs that you are capable of doing. However, you can not choose to do a postgraduate assignment if you are just an undergraduate student. Hence always take the assignments that are up to your level.

How do you do it?

Start by registering a millionformula account. Then proceed to enroll for the assignments program. This way to make money by doing assignments requires you to have some skills. That means you need to be knowing what you are doing. To give you a good perspective: You can't do an aerodynamics assignment if you are not an aeronautical engineering student that has already studied it. This goes for all the other assignments. For you to be able to do a certain assignment, you should be of academic level higher than the assignment. That means if you are only a high school graduate, you can only do high school and bellow assignments. Same for university students, graduates, post graduates and research students.

Therefore make sure that you submit the necessary certificates in order to be able to do assignments of whatever academic level you want. After submitting the certificates you will see lists of assignments of your level of education and bellow. Choose to do any assignment of your choice. When you start doing the assignments your profile will start growing. The more jobs you do the more your will profile will grow.


Youtube is more better then school

Mam are u providing online classes.

hahaha my English teacher shows us ur vids all class, every class, and calls it teaching

very nice..

Nice essay

love the Audrey Hepburn look

Sir can u let some pdf on these topics

I will try with essy writing process

Very informative thank you so much

Please speak in English.

Method of teaching is very nice

Please teach po how to write DLP

Adnan Khan No im from the empiror of Iraq

Why you discontinue,, make more videos on others as well


This video added no value to teaching the audience how to write a concept analysis paper.

Hopefully this will help me

Same doubt but no one is talkig about that

Totally bullshit Report. Wrong format, ordinary content and poor accent of this teacher

All the best Kawaljit

Amazing and helpful video

good stuff

I was never taught how to write in APA. Now, in college, I was asked to write a paper in APA format and this video saved me

I use colour text to remember the source of the information. I use the same text colour for the source too. Then I don't have to think about them until the end when I have to put in the in-text citations.

Mam don't think me as a fool no but I really want to say I love u

Hence why most colleges dont even look at the essay

I love his teeth

kitne page ka hai please bataiye

Hi Jay , the way you explain things is amazing, and helping me a lot keep the good work , thanks .

Excellent .... I am really grateful to u. But, It would be better if u provide an example how to use these templates . I mean can you provide sample essays ...


thanks you so much

Thank you for your wonderful explanation and great guidance.. the way you explain this is very creative and really easy to understand.

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